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Dr. Terwilliker's Second Floor Dungeon

Chains Galore

Dr. Terwilliker
26 July
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What can be said about the mad Doctor Terwilliker? Well, I've enslaved many children, forcing them to play piano to me for hours and hours on end, mostly Mozart and Berlioz. I had a long, torrid affair with Captain Planet, but it had to end when he refused to trim his trademark mullet. I am currently serving as one of the four horsemen of the apocolypse; all you sinister jockeys out there will be happy to know we now have an opening as our members only number three at the moment. I'm a sucker for French prostitues who dress in 19th century clothing and I find it almost irresitable to kill at least one a month. I'll take up no more of your time now as all of these facts have been pure bullshit. Farewell.


Awesome community. Join it if you think you've got the brains for it.