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Jesus fucking Christ, this is why I hate my sister. She sent this to everyone in her address book:

Hello friends-

God has given me the chance to play a few more shows, and I wanted to invite you.

Both shows are free; please just buy something to support the coffee shops. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE C.D. FUND LAST TIME! WE COLLECTED $400!

The c.d. is progressing nicely. We're on the 4th song. I am still thankful to all contributions towards its completion.

1st show: Saturday, Oct. 28th 8-10, Plymouth Coffee Bean, 884 Penniman, Plymouth, Mi, 48170

This one is exciting to me. It's not a Christian venue and when I've been there, there've been lots of thirsty people. Please pray that God shows people who He is, and if you can come, please come with an attitude of expectancy. The Lord may want you to share Him with someone or just plain love on them:)

2nd show- Saturday, Dec. 16th 7-10, Divine Cafe, 2170 Cass Lake Rd., Keego Harbor, MI, 48320

This is a really special place too. Wonderful atmosphere.

Please come if you can, and feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Love in Christ,


Why?  Why?  Why the fuck?  I can't make this shit up; that was copy / paste, identical to the e-mail I received.  My sister is fucking CRAZY!  She has concerts left and right and CAN'T SING a single fucking note without making me cringe.

I've bolded all the parts I find particularly disturbing.
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