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Me, Me, Me

So, I'm absolutely THRILLED that I get tomorrow off AND to not have to work.  It's crazy, that I'm going to have an entire day to do whatever I want.  If anyone wants to hang out, call me, or comment, y'know.  I desperately miss like eight people.  
So, I have, hence far, filled out the following college applications online:
- Western Michigan University
- Eastern Michigan University
- Central Michigan University
- Michigan State University
- Grand Valley State University

Everyone says five is a lot, but I must call their attention to Gemma, Lil Miss Eleven Applications!  Man, do I wish I had the balls, cash, and prospects to fill out that many!  But yeah, I'm just keeping my options open.  I hope I get into all of them and have a wealth of choices, but it's more likely that I'll have two or three to pick from.  Who knows.  I might not get into any.  I mean, my essay was pretty shitty, and makes me look like a really horrible person.  I've always said I can't write about myself.  Not only is my life relatively boring, with pretty much everything interesting that's ever happened to me being really school inappropriate, but I have no ability to portray myself as a slightly decent person.  I always either flatter myself far too much, coming off as fake and pretentious, or list too few good qualities, making it sound almost like I'm writing about someone else that I don't know very well.  It's really a horrible skill to be so deficient in.  

If I don't get into Western, I'll kill myself though.  That's the school I most want to go to.

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