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Although I'm proud to say that I've overcome my fear of most creepy-crawlies, I haven't done it as completely as I'd like.  My one GREAT fear in life is still centipedes.  This poses quite a problem, as my bedroom's in the basement, the area of the house most infested with these disgusting creatures.  Just 5 minutes ago, I was sitting comfortably in my room watching the special features on my "Carrie" DVD, with the lights off.  I turned on a lamp to try to find some chapstick, and find the chapstick I did, with a centipede crawling over it on my nightstand!  ICK!!!!  Well, I had nothing to kill the damned thing with, and I doubt if I did, I'd have the presence of mind to find it.  So my immediate response was a loud, squeaky "EEP!"  Then I scurried out of my room.  I don't know how I'm going to manage to go back down there.  That fucking thing was just INCHES away from my pillow.  A nice, relaxing, horror-filled night has turned into a mini crisis, with REAL horror!  Whaaaaaaaaaah!  I HATE CENTIPEDES!!!!!

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