Dr. Terwilliker (drterwilliker) wrote,
Dr. Terwilliker

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Happy End of Summer School to ME!!!!

So, I must say I'm DELIGHTED to be done with summer school right now.  It's fantastic.  I got a 97 or something, so that should boost my GPA as well.  Honestly, I'm very glad I took that class.  To be done with it is wonderful, and I likely wouldn't have gotten an A in it if taking the full semester class.  My own laziness would have gotten the better of me.  But I can buckle down for three weeks or so, no problem.

So, I'll be 17 in four days.  Not looking forward to that.  I don't much care for birthdays.  They always disappoint.  A year older, and nothing really accomplished.  THAT'S depressing.

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