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More Centipedes....Sigh....

So, it would appear that my basement (yeah, the one where my room is) is infested with centipedes.  There were about a dozen baby ones in my very short hallway, and a few HUGE live ones on the wall last night.  Yep, they're everywhere.  And since my fear of centipedes is borderline phobic, there's no way in Hell I'm going down in that basement any time soon.  There's nowhere else to sleep though except in my uncle's old tiny room upstairs, and there aren't any dark curtains or anything, so it's FAAAAAAR too bright to sleep.  I need it to be like pitch black.  Man alive, I'm sooooooo done with these traumatic centipede encounters.  They're keeping me up.  But I'm beyond tired now.  All efforts to sleep are futile.  They'll be sabotaged.  Apparently the world has decided that Jess and sleep are to be kept apart at all costs.  Thanks world!!!!  So, if this entry makes me sound like a dithering idiot, just keep in mind that I've gotten about four hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, which is VERY much below my average needs.  So be merciful for my retarded writing.

I'm off to watch "The Practice."  It's the first time in years I've been awake early enought to see it.  I'm awake at 8AM, why not take advantage of the now off air legal dramas?
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